Misting systems give you continuous mosquito control.

Mosquito Misting System SprayingIn some situations, a more permanent automatic misting system is the most fitting solution for you to control mosquitoes. Mosquito Joe can install a system for stable and prolonged defense against mosquitoes, helping keep your deck, pool patio, grilling area or any outdoor area bite-free.

Designed to release a misting spray several times daily for less than a minute, your system of discreetly hidden nylon tubing with strategically placed nozzles can include a remote control allowing you to choose additional or fewer sprays as needed. Mosquito Joe will fill and service your system year round. These systems are virtually maintenance-free, even designed to detect leaks and damage and shut off immediately.  There are a couple of options when choosing a misting system, even a tank-less model with an “app” for direct control!

 Person holding a phone with mosquito image representing misting system  Misting System in yard in South Miami