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Excellent and quick service. My respray held up to the rain and I was able to go outside without any mosquitos. I was very happy and satisfied with the results.

David C
Jul 16, 2018

We still have mosquitos after our initial 3 week spray startup. Actually, two week conscutive spray, third week no spray, 4th week spray. Your service person, Raymond is very nice

Bonnie S
Jul 11, 2018

We are still inundated with black nats, which leads to my question is the insecticide causing the nats to appear. Although there doesn't seem to be any mosquito's, we cannot sit outside without being covered with these nats.

Bob N
Jul 09, 2018

Before first two treatments it was impossible to sit outside in the backyard without being bitten up within 5 minutes. After two treatments that problem is over. Good work! Thanks

Charlie S
Jul 04, 2018

I think it’s started working so I’ll wait before I fully promote the service. I REALLY want it to work

Ana M
Jul 02, 2018

Always professional, thorough and caring. Second year using. Only wished I had known of before.

Juana J
Jul 01, 2018

Hi I know you were here but the mosquitos are still here:(. What else can we do?

Jane D
Jun 25, 2018

Very efficient, effective and professional!

Michael R
Jun 24, 2018

Very punctual, respecful and thorough

Juan W
Jun 20, 2018

I am not sure what the reason is (lots of rain, mosquitos resisting the sprays, neighbor’s trees/plants/shrubs,etc.), but over the past few months I have seen more mosquitos around my house after a spray than after previous sprays. Overall I am happy with the service.

Vince A
Jun 20, 2018